Mongolian delegation visited in Essen Germany

A group of Medical Experts from Mongolia visited Essen, Germany from 10-17th of November, 2013.

The group consisted of 7 medical professionals from different health organizations were: Dr. Bayarmaa.Ch, Senior Officer, Ministry of Health, Dr. Bayasgalan.G, General Director, Second General Hospital Dr. Altantuya, ADB, Mongolia, Dr. Tsogbadrakh. N, Dr. Dari Chuhal, Health Department of Ulaanbaatar City and Dr. Purevdash. Ts and Dr. Mungunkharaa. Kh and from City Emergency Center, respectively.

During their visit, the group had several meeting with German officials. First day the delegation had a meeting with Prof. Nagel, Medical Director of Essen University Clinic and Mrs. Köster (German MoH). What’s more, Mongolian delegation had a meeting with Mr. Renzel, Head of Social department in Essen city administration and shared their experience. The Mongolian delegation expressed gratitude to German partners for their cooperation and contribution.

The group visited different units of University Clinics of Essen including Hospital Hygiene Department, Emergency unit, Traumatology of ICU, Blood Bank, Cleaning unit and Gastroenterology and Hepatology unit and shared experience with German colleagues. Also, they were introduced with waste management and Incinerator. Hepatitis Therapy was presented by Dr.Ali Canbay during the visit.

The Doctors had visited at City Health Department of Essen and exchanged their experience. Moreover, the group visited at the Fire Brigade Essen, Private dentist Dr. Hagedorn and Big private Eberhard in Dortmund. Also the delegations have been invited for the Symposium of Fire Brigade and University Clinics of Essen and Dr. Munghunkharaa delivered a presentation regarding to Emergency Service in Mongolia.