German delegation visited in Mongolia

Prof. Walter Popp, Head of Hospital Hygiene Unit, University Clinics Essen, Germany and Project director of MeshHp and Mr. Michael Rossburg, MVZ Dr.Eberhard u. Partner – Dortmund visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 1 to 8 March, 2014.

Also Mr. Jorg Spors and Mr. Arnd Rensmann, Essen Fire brigade worked in Mongolia between 5-10 March, 2014.

Prof. Walter Popp and Mr. Michael Rossburg visited pilot hospital of Second Central Hospital, Chingeltei District Hospital and additionally State Dental Center of UB, Bayangol District Hospital, First and Second Maternity Hospitals and Intermed Hospital of MCS.

Mr. Michael Rossburg delivered a presentation on Microbiology and Antibiotic resistance at the Second Central Hospital.

During the visit the delegation had some meetings including with Dr. Amarjargal, MOH, Dr Batbayar, NTP manager of NCCD and Dr. Tsogbadrah and Dr Tuul UB City Health Department. What’s more, there was a meeting with Dr Tungaa, ADB and staff from NCCD regarding Health 5 Project.

Moreover, the delegation met a new German Ambassador Mr Thiedemann and it is intended to announce the two planned symposium in June and September as part of 40 years anniversary for diplomatic relationship of Mongolian and German.

Additionally, meetings have been held with Monos group and Medclean company.

Mr. Jorg Spors and Mr. Arnd Rensmann conducted successfully five day training at the Emergency Management Center (103) for some doctors and drivers. The participants of 103 expressed their appreciation to trainers to conducting very stable, efficient, and interesting paramedic training.

If you want to get more information please download the trip report and presentation on Some aspects of microbiological diagnostics.  
Trip report

 Presentation on Some aspects of microbiological diagnostics