Periodic visit of German experts in Apr 2018

Prof. Dr. Walter Popp, Nina Parohl, HyKoMed, Dortmund, Jörg Spors, Volker Römer, Fire Brigade Essen visited to Ulaanbaatar, 14-21 April, 2018.

The main purposes of this visit were to get some information about food production (Walter and Nina) and to start training in Emergency Center (Jörg and Volker) after a 4 year break.

German delegations visited Emergency service 103, Second central hospital, Amgalan maternity hospital, State Central Veterinary Laboratory, APU SUU LLC, Tumen Shuvuut chicken farm and meat Export Company.

There was a meeting with Dr. Erdenekhuu and others of University Clinics about the new building where experts will visit their next trip in June, 2018.

The wrap up meeting was held and Amgalan Maternity Hospital (No3) was gotten a new member of MeshHp. German experts had several meetings including Dr. Altantuya and Dr. Bodart, ADB, Mrs Nyamsuren, president of Mongolian Nurses Association, Dr. Baatarsukh and Dr. Enkhzaya , UB City Health Department.

The Hygiene Symposium in September will be held together with UB CHD and also be included in their anniversary year.

If you want to know more about trip please see the trip report.

Trip report of April 2018