Second visit for the new project

Prof. Dr. Walter Popp, Adelheid Jones, and Kristen Wegener-Haas worked in Ulaanbaatar from 11-18th May, 2019.

Second visit in the new project (2018-2020) “Primär- und Sekundärprävention sowie aufsuchende Prävention bei Hepatitis B/C und Tuberkulose in der Mongolei“ („Primary and seconday prevention as well as visiting prevention of hepatitis B/C and tuberculosis in Mongolia“) funded by German Ministry of Health. The project encompasses over many different hospitals and health care units in Ulaanbaatar and 4 different aimag center hospitals. Prof. Dr. Popp and his team had a 4 day trip to Choibalsan, Dornod.

The project team visited the Dornod aimag center hospital and went over some rules and advices about the medical technologies. Then, the delegation visited Bulgan sum hospital and Hulunbur sum hospital and had a conversation with the hospital director about the new testing for antibodies against Hep B after vaccination.

Back in UB, the team visited Hospital No.2 to take a look at the Health V Project.. The Chingeltej district hospital also presented a plan for new a hospital that is soon to be built. Prof. Dr. Popp held a presentation about hygiene symposium in Dornod and around 170 people participated. There was a MeshHp meeting in Emergency Service. The MeshHp group coming was postponed to January 2020.

If you would like to know more about the trip, please see the trip report.

Trip Report of May 2019