Traditional Medicine Hospital Visit

Prof. Dr Walter Popp worked in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia from 21-24 th August, 2019.

Fourth visit on the project (2018-2020) “Primär- und Sekundärprävention sowie aufsuchende Prävention bei Hepatitis B/C und Tuberkulose in der Mongolei” (“Primary and seconday prevention as well as visiting prevention of hepatitis B/C and tuberculosis in Mongolia”) funded by German Ministry of Health.

Prof. Dr. Popp has visited 5 different hospital working in traditional medicine. State University for Traditional medicine which is soon to be open, Institute of Traditional Medicine and Technology, Sky Hospital, Chingeltei district hospital, Hosvansemperu hospital. Most of them use single-use acupuncture needles and blades. Only in some hospitals gold and silver needles are used and usually sterilized after disinfection. Education books for traditional medicine are available, but there seems to be lack of knowledge about reprocessing and IPC.

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