Prof. Popp again visited Mongolia

Prof. Walter Popp, head of Hospital Hygiene Unit, University Clinics Essen, Germany and Project director, MeshHp visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 28 January to 4 February, 2012. He visited all project pilot units and hospital No 2. Regarding to project activities, recommendations were given to all hospitals.

During his visit Prof. Walter Popp delivered a presentation at the workshop on “Health care workers occupational risk factors and risk of exposure to infection“ which was organized by Hospital No 2 in cooperation with Monos Pharmacy Institute. At the workshop, a video was presented which was made by Monos Pharmacy re hand hygiene with several members of MeshHp group as actors. Around 120 health sectors professionals from NCCD, public hospitals and district hospitals as well as some doctors from countryside attended in this workshop.

Also, he gave a presentation on “One day prevalence study” to students of Health Sciences University of Mongolia and after lecture, a discussion was held among the students. Moreover, he met with Union of Hospital hygienists and the Union consists of around 20 members from public hospitals and is lead by Dr. Tsolmon, NCCD.

Prof. Walter Popp has been awarded an honorary professor of Monos Pharmacy Institute of Mongolia on February 2, 2012. The Monos Pharmacy Institute has nearly 600 students who can reach a Bachelor and Master degree and the number is growing. At the ceremony were Mr.Wendelberger and Mr. Kreuz from German Embassy.

At the end of visiting day, a wrap up meeting was held in Emergency Medical Center 103 with all MeshHp project members attending. Hospital No 2 was newly added to the project pilots. The project director presented his trip findings and issues which has to be implemented at the project pilot hospitals in the next steps. Additionally, National Symposium on Hospital Infection, May 11, 2012, was discussed at the meeting.